• 5 port hard chromed sleeve
  • CNC machined flat piston
  • 14mm turbo crankshaft w silicon insert
  • Aerodynamic "knife edged" connecting rod
  • Turbo combustion chamber with cooling fin
  • Lightweight cooling head for low C.G.
  • 14mm high quality Swiss main bearing
  • Dust protected front bearing
  • Composite slide valve carburetor
  • 6.5mm, 7.0mm and 8.0mm aluminum venturi
Technical data:
  • Displacement: 3,49ccm
  • Max power: 2,65 HP @ 33.500 U/min
  • Bore: 16,26mm
  • Stroke: 16,80mm
  • Front bearing: 7x19x6mm
  • Rear bearing: 14x25,4x6mm
  • Glowplug: Sonic S5H turbo
  • Weight: 340g
The Sonic SB21-5T 3,5ccm buggy engine is produced according to the latest experiences gathered by some of the world's best drivers. All components have been made from the finest materials to ensure high durability and reliability.

Equipped with a 5 ports sleeve and a CNC machined flat piston the engine provides great power over the entire RPM range while having a very efficient fuel consumption which can be crucial in the finals.

The 14mm turbo crankshaft is filled with a silicone insert to reduce the inertia and improve the fuel flow. The optimized crankcase and the the "knife edged" aerodynamic connecting rod help even more to reduce turbulences inside the engine.

A special turbo combustion chamber with a cooling fin and the super lightweight cooling head ensure best heat dispersion to keep the engine temperatur at a moderate level.

High quality Swiss ball bearings, a dust protected front bearing, a modern composite valve carburetor and a 5,4mm aluminum venturi complete this new high competition engine.